Real Estate Law

If you are buying, selling, developing or leasing commercial property, or involved in a residential transaction, litigating or defending a real estate matter, including commercial unlawful detainer, it is crucial to have an experienced real estate lawyer. Real estate transactions may involve complex title analysis, due diligence, entitlements, drafting of covenants and other documents, and involve a large number of people and tasks. Oversights can be costly and construction liens damaging. The role of legal counsel, whether as an advisor or team member, is a critical one. Bronwen Price, A Professional Corporation, has the knowledge and ability to protect your interests, guide your decisions and accomplish your goals.

Bronwen Price, APC specializes in a wide variety of real estate law needs, both transactional and litigation, including…

  • Real Property Purchase and Sale Transactions
  • Construction and Mechanic’s Lien Law
  • Licenses and Easements
  • Boundary and Zoning Disputes
  • Commercial Lease/Rental Agreements and Disputes
  • Purchase and Sales Disputes
  • Title Evaluations and Transfers
  • Property Tax Appeals
  • Non-Disclosure and Real Estate Fraud Litigation
  • Counseling for Targeted and Strategic Growth
  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Loan Negotiations and Documents Review
  • Negotiated Evictions and Commercial Unlawful Detainer
  • Sub-Specialties include Supermarkets and Restaurants